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Dental Implants may be the answer. Missing teeth, loose dentures, problematic bridges…what’s the alternative? Dental implants can restore complete, dependable function and a natural-looking appearance. Dr. Steven Van Wicklen DDS restores dental implants and works with reputable, local oral surgeons and periodontists for in house implant placement. Why go through the hassle of going to several offices in order to complete your treatment when your South Austin Dentist can handle it all here in the comfort of our relaxing office with the latest state-of-the-art technology?

Benefits of dental implants include:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Implant post preserves bone density
  • Freedom from dietary limitations
  • Restored function
  • No slippage, looseness, wobbling (as with a denture) Cancel
  • No adhesive or suction required (as with a denture)
  • No crowns required (as with a bridge)
  • No clasps required (as with a partial)

Dental Implant Case Planning

At your evaluation, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen may use our state of the art, ultra-low radiation 3D cone beam x-ray machine to generate precise, three-dimensional diagrams of your mouth. These images allow the dentist and surgeon to identify the ideal placement of your implants. Dense bone tissue creates a solid foundation for implants. Once your case is planned, Dr. Steven Van Wicklen will refer you to an in house skilled surgeon for implant placement, but rest assured, Dr. Van Wicklen will oversee your entire implant procedure as your general dentist. The specialist will secure small, titanium implant posts into proper position in your jaw. Over the following few months, your bone will integrate with the implants in a process called osseointegration. You may wear a temporary crown, bridge, partial, or denture during this phase of treatment. Dr. Steven Van Wicklen will monitor your situation, and the final prosthetic can be secured after your mouth is fully healed.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

Denture patients who suffer with slippage, looseness, wobbling, or a poor fit – as well as those who find the daily denture care routine to be a pain – may be well suited for implant-retained dentures. A complete or partial denture can be fitted with snaps so that it literally snaps into place on a few, strategically placed implant posts. Implant-retained dentures and partials can be removable or fixed. They require no adhesive, suction, or daily care like traditional dentures and partials.

Single Tooth Replacement

One implant can replace one tooth, as well. Each titanium implant post can hold a single crown. Traditionally, replacing a tooth involved placing a bridge. To permanently affix a bridge, the teeth on either side had to be crowned. These abutment crowns held the bridge securely. With implants, healthy teeth aren’t compromised. The single implant post holds the single implant crown, so the replacement tooth mimics the root-and-crown structure of the tooth that was lost.

Why South Austin Dentist and Orthodontics?

We place all implants in house. While it is common for patients to have a dentist and then need to go to another office for the placement of the implants, we handle everything right here in our relaxing office. We have a long and successful history of performing implant surgeries and our happy patients say it all. We also only use the state of the art technology and materials to ensure your satisfaction and pleasure with the results.

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